Saturday, October 08, 2005

Girl Stuff

Now that I am only coughing and not dying (really, I WAS dying, I'm not being dramatic, I SWEAR it) here's a post that's actually a "Tips, Shortcuts & "Advice".
Sorry guys, but this is more geared toward the ladies.
Just so we are all clear, this is the most fly by the seat blog, so these are NOT in any order, heck, they may not even have any rhyme or reason..............I did forewarn you all.

Housecleaning (If my mother-in-law joins, she'll laugh her a** off at this one!)

I have learned by trial and error with my little person, who could care less about anything NOT centering around her, (I miss being 4 myself ) that clean it while you can. Once the little people invade, you really have to clean what and when you can, so here are a few of MY most favorite cleaning products (all are timesavers).

  • Swifer - ANYTHING swifer....BUY IT. Buy 5 of them. I would be living in absolute filth if it were not for the Swifer. Personally, I own the original Swifer that you can sweep with or put wet cloths on to mop with, both Swifer Dusters (The small one and the telescoping wand one. Being 4'6, that telescoping wand is God sent. And, I swear they attract EVERYTHING. I have two cats, a dog and a four year old, would I lie about something so serious?), and the Wet Jet mop...........LOVE IT!!! (I have laminate flooring throughout my living and dining rooms and this is the ONLY cleaner I have found that has not streaked the laminate.) I am ABSOLUTELY DYING to own the Sweep and Vac, but I have had a difficult time finding it. Anyway, ALL the Swifer products are great for cutting cleaning time down.
  • Wipes - Clorox Wipes, Lysol Wipes, Windex Wipes, Glass Plus one, and I've bought it. Personally, I prefer the Windex Vinegar Wipes (They clean most surfaces with little or no streaking and vinegar is a natural disinfectant) and the Lysol Disinfecting Wipes (I've found they work better than the Clorox, and they actually have a scrubbing pad on one variety). It sounds so ridiculous, but they REALLY DO cut down your cleaning time. Less stuff to carry around from room to room and no spray, wipe, damn where did I put the damn bottle, oh yeah found it, spray, wipe, etc.
  • White Vinegar - Crazy? Yes, I am, but not because I use white vinegar to clean with. As previously mentioned, I have two cats, a dog, and laminate flooring. Well, dont' think those four legged creatures of mine are any less accident prone than the 4 year old. My brother-in-law Steven, who is a floor installer, saw that I was having a hard time finding something to clean up pet "accidents" and told me to use white vinegar. Swear to God, he's right. It's a natural disinfectant, kills orders on contact and doesn't streak. Have you noticed my MAJOR obsession with streaking yet?
  • Lysol Toliet Bowl Brush - EEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! As much as I love this product, I still hate cleaning the toliet just as much. Anyway, the cleaner is excellent and has a nice smell to it and the brush is pretty rough so it does a real good job on just about anything that's discoloring your potty.
  • Febreeze - As with Swifer, buy ANYTHING that has the word Febreeze on it. Not only do I have issues with streaks, but I would die if I thought my house smelled.
  • Airwick Plug-ins - At least I think that's what they are called. I know that they are made by Airwick, ok??? Anyway, see above (Febreeze). These plug-in things can be found in EVERY SINGLE room in my some cases more than one in each room. So maybe I need shame in that.

Well, these are my tidbits of knowledge for today, I'm sure tomorrow I will have something completely different to yak about.

Hope you enjoy.........and hope your realize you're NOT the only out there with issues (maybe we can get a group therapy discount, what do you think?)

One more OCD a multiple animal owner and mom, I've learned that USED dryer sheets have a number of uses.

Yes, I said what you think I did.

Anyway, here's the few things I use them for:

  1. Put one or two on the bottom of the swifer and you'll be AMAZED at what you can sweep up off of the floor............AMAZING, I promise. Something about the sheets being "charged" by being in the dryer.
  2. Dust wood or laminate or whatever (NOT GLASS......MY GOD MAN IT WILL STREAK THE GLASS) furniture. The dryer sheet makes whatever you dust with it repel, yes repel, dust.
  3. Wipe down fabric furniture and pillows. Removes pet hair, microscopic pieces of whatever AND leaves behind a nice scent.

Ok, I think that's need to call Bergen Pines...........they are aware I'm running free.

Have a good night and enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Anonymous said...

what so you're saying men don't have to clean
Gee thanks, I will have to try that one out here at home, but honey it's a womans job, come here and see, and when I show her this I better be wearing some body armour at the same time. :)

lil10624 said...

Ok, I deserve some heat for this one, but let me explain myself.
In my PERSONAL situation, my husband either surface cleans.........cleans only that which can be seen, or does it....let me choose carefully here........ah hell, he does a half-assed job.
In my house, with 2 cats, a dog adn a pre-schooler, we are requiring a REAL cleaning job on a regular basis.
Body armour??? I say it and run like hell if I were you : )