Friday, October 21, 2005

Beauty "Tips"

Although I am freakish about my face, I am NOT a make-up master, but I do KNOW that the following tips are tried and true.

Let me start at the top....the top of your head that is.
  • Hair - As I've mentioned, I happen to have very curly hair that, during the cooler months, I straighten using a straight iron. Well, this does not mean that my hair CARE needs have changed. My hair, naturally, is curly which means that despite my hair STYLE, I should still use hair CARE products for curly hair. Curly hair usually needs more moisture than straight hair to control "the frizzies" . Lesson.....use hair CARE products for your hair type, NOT your hair STYLE. Use hair STYLING products for your hair style. Also, for extra conditioning that doesn't require a lot of time, try this: After shampooing, apply conditioner, comb through hair and then tie hair up in a ponytail. Continure your normal shower routine and then, don't rinse out all the conditioner. Leave just a little in. This little trick helps to keep split ends at bay and also helps to reduce damage caused by heat styling.
  • Eyebrows - As a woman of Italian decent, trust me, I KNOW about eyebrows.
  1. First, the length of your eyebrow. To determine where your eyebrow should "begin", place your finger on top of your tear duct and follow it straight up. Any hair that is before this point should be removed. To determine the where your eyebrow should "end", place your finger at the outer most corner where your top and lower eye lids meet and follow this point up on the diagnal. Any hair after this point, should also be removed.
  2. I know that these thin, clown like eyebrows may be the "in" thing, but c'mon ladies, it just doesn't look natural. Personal preference is really going to determine this one, but for the sake of looking natural, don't thin them out much more than just above the brow bone. If you want to look like a surprised clown, by all means, go right ahead, but peronally, I prefer a more natural look.
  3. Tweezing - Try to tweeze ONLY after showering. The warmth of the water softens both the skin and hair making it much easier to complete this task. Also, don't forget to tweeze those straglers that are hanging out above your eyebrow.
  4. Trimming - If the hair in your eyebrows is beginning to bend and/or curl, trim them. Really, they aren't SUPPSOSE to do that. This task is easily accomplished with your man's mustache scissors....SSSSSSSHHHHH, it's our little secret.
  • Eye Care - I picked up this little tidbit on a TLC show. In order to get maximum results from any eye cream, apply the cream on the upper and underside of the eye as well as the inner corner. This way, whatever lessing of lines or smoothness in texture you experience, you're entire eye benefits. This entire eye benefit, makes eyses brighter and perkier. (As a full time wife, mother and housekeeper and part-time administrator and consultant, I swear by this trick. It also applies to any concealer, foundation, or white eye shadow you may apply.)
  • Lips - I must admit that my lips are my worst feature, but to keep them in the best possible condition, I use a lip conditioning balm. Use daily and nightly. Most especially use while sunbathing and while outside during the colder months.
  • Shaving - Aaaaaahhhhh, isn't it great to be a woman??? I mistakenly discovered this one. One morning while showering, I went to reach for the shaving cream and lo and behold....there was none to be found. I happened to have Olay Moisturerinse in the shower. I had purchased a bottle to try and although I didn't really like the greasy mess it left behind, I never discarded it. Anyway, I HAD to ladies KNOW what I mean, so I grabbed the Olay stuff, applied a THIN layer of it (so I didn't clog up my razor) and proceeded to shave. Well, that was the closest shave I've ever had. Not only that, but I had absolutely no nics and no razor burn, not even in that sensitive bikini area. Take my word for it ladies, this one is worth a try. Just be sure not to overdo the application or you're bound to clog up your razor.
  • Foot care - I never understood the obsession with this until I tried it myself. It is amazing how good you feel when you're tootsies are well cared for. No need to trek to the nail salon, a "quickie" in the shower can be just as wonderful. Requirements...Foot scrub (gotta buy the foot scrub, body scrub just isn't the same....REALLY!) and a pumice stone. Do I really need to tell you more than that.
  • Body care - A good body scrub two or three times a week and a daily, NON-GREASY body lotion is really all you need to keep soft, smooth and SIIIIIIIILLLLLLLKY!
  • Cosmetics - Listen, I'm KNOWN to be "rough around the edges", but would you rather I lie? I'm the friend you take clothes shopping because you know if what you try on looks like crap, I'm going to tell you "That looks like crap". With that said; cosmetics are suppose to ENHANCE your features, not change them, completely cover them, or change your skin color. So, apply with a light hand, unless of course you're going to the "Limelight", want to look like a......(you get where I'm going with that one.) or just don't care. Foundation is suppose to even out skin tone, pick one that's as close to your natural skin tone as possilbe. And for the love of God, blend it at your jaw line. Eyeshadow should complement or draw attention to your eyes.....use sparingly and please heed the day & eveing application rules. Blush should be applied to the apples of your cheeks and a LIGHT dusting at the temples, forehead and chin. Again, unless you are showcasing for a burlesque show, or circus, BLEND, and EASY on the color. Same applies to lipstick. Listen, it's better to ask for help or an opinion than to run around looking like the poster child for make-up remover. Everyone has a friend or acquaintance that's "rough around the edges", this would be the time to make use of that friendship or acquaintance.

Hope you've found these "tips" useful. I would LOVE to hear YOUR opinions.....HINT, HINT!!!

Wishing you all a WONDERFUL weekend.

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