Sunday, April 29, 2007

Eye Tips and Tricks

The following are some tips and tricks for your eyes that Sephora recommends.

ELONGATED EYES - Use an eyeliner brush to concentrate shadow close to the upper lash lines, dragging the color slightly past the outer corner of the eye to visually elongate the eyelids. Use a bright color for extra oomph.

YOUNGER-LOOKING EYES - Visually open and lift the eyes by using a pale shadow on the upper lids. Steer clear of powders since they can sink into wrinkles, emphasizing them.

BRIGHTER EYES - Make the whites of your eyes, and the flecks in your iris, glow with shadow, liner or mascara that has blue undertones.

WIDER APART EYES - Smudge dark shadow on the outer corners of the upper and lower lids. By gently smudging the line, the color will appear more diffused to further draw eyes apart.

DEEPER CREASES - Add depth to nonexistent creases or hooded lids with a shadow palette. Apply light shadow to the entire lid. Look into the mirror and blend a medium tone shadow in the indentation, between the eyeball and orbital bone. A primer and budgeproof mascara will help makeup stay put.

BIGGER EYES - If you've got smaller eyes use a white eye pencil on the inner-rims of the eyes to extend the whites of your eyes, making them appear larger.

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